When, why and how? 

What you need to know.

The following 3 'foundation' videos will set the base for your success in property investment. It is strong capital growth that will generate true wealth in your property portfolio. When it comes to identifying the locations which will achieve the strongest growth, is a science, and a process; not guess work.

What is possible with property?

Where and when?

How to identify where?


In a 15 minute phone call, learn the exact locations which Australia's leading property economists have selected to be the best performing over the next 3 years, and why.


Discover the exact locations which Australia's leading property economists have selected to be the best performing over the next 3 years

Strategise and discuss what is possible for your circumstances

Learn how to invest like a professional to generate larger profits sooner


The Meridian Investor Panel is comprised of several independent members, whom are all recognised as leading analysts in their chosen field. The calibre of personnel includes the 2018 "Most Accurate Property Forecaster", as named by the Australian Financial Review. The Panel serves as a forum for comprehensive assessment of the fundamental drivers that influence capital growth. This information is of great importance in determining the future direction of property values, and forms a key component of Meridian Australia's due diligence. Subsequently, these insights are passed on to Meridian clientele, allowing them to make an informed decision when it comes to establishing a property portfolio.



We specialise in profitable residential property investment. We use a carefully formulated and proven analysis methodology, which enables our team to pinpoint superior growth locations and investment opportunities around the country. We understand that each property purchase is a large investment, and therefore our focus is to maximise your returns, and reduce your risk.  


Our team are seasoned investors themselves, with over 50 years combined experience in the property industry. 

Adam Duffy


Jarryd Gauci

Senior Property Investment Consultant

Warren Jacobs

Senior Property

Investment Consultant

 Are you ready to start investing? 

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