Real Estate just got…Real.

Learn 3 brand new angles our research and development team have identified as being at the forefront of the market and where the profits are going to be RIGHT NOW. Don't wait 3 years to learn these strategies AFTER the market has caught up. Get in now. Learn, invest and profit. Now. Yep, we will show you how and give you the ability to take immediate action – if its right for you. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2018; 6pm-8pm;

METRO HOTEL MARLOW, 431-439 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000

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5 Things that will happen at this event:

  1. You will hear from 4 of our in-house speakers, each with a unique angle and perspective on real estate. And yes, each are actual investors with real results for themselves – as well as their clients. 

  2. We will show you 12 real, actual properties that are for sale and why we believe they are crackers to invest in. We will show you the research, the stats, the numbers, the yields…the whole shebang. And if you like it, you can buy it right there and then. 

  3. 3 new stock types you’re going to love. Why we have gone this way and how you can take advantage of it.

  4. No, these properties are not available anywhere else, 

      not even on and

  5. It's absolutely FREE with no obligation.

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this is a brand new, 2hr event revealing:



At this event, we're launching a new service where we offer existing or already established property investment opportunities in our preferred growth market. 



Also launching at this event, are new property opportunities you can secure on the night! 



What's a Super Estate?  It's a brand new investment opportunity Meridian has recently come across, and we are debuting it on the night. 


The game has changed and you will see the first public discussion IN AUSTRALIA about a superannuation product that will completely rock the market, and has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN AUSTRALIA!

still not convinced?  Here are other things you learn at the event:

1. Property investment strategies that will help you create a positive cashflow on your investments

2. How to take advantage and work with the system to save you thousands of dollars in tax.

3. How to create a profit through property investment so you can pay off debts, pay your home loan sooner, and retire earlier without changing your lifestyle.

4. The research and analysis you will need to do in order to locate the boom suburbs and choose the right property to invest in.

5. We're also giving away a hard copy of our property investment book exclusive to attendees only. 

Here are the speakerS and why you need to hear from them:



He’s 31 and has a 40 million property portfolio. That's enough reasons.



He has bought more than one property every year for 7 years. Wish you could do that? He’ll show you how.



He bought two properties with close to zero dollars of his own money. For real.



He bought his dream home outright using profits from two smart investments. The new Australian Dream.

guest speaker:

We have access to the man behind the revolutionary new product that is changing property and super!

We have secured the rights to hear from the Founder and CEO of a new property product that is rocking the property and finance industry. 

Okay, so say you really want to invest in real estate but you have NO DEPOSIT? Or CANT GET A LOAN?! No worries. This product is what you may have been looking for.

This speaker has a history in corporate banking and strategy management, and with that he has a unique take on the market and has created something that no one in Australia has ever previously done before. 

This speaker has been involved in and advised on billions of dollars worth of deals and worked in corporate banking in both Australia and New York.

He will share with you an rare insider's look into this new product and strategy and how you can invest in the Australian property market. You don't want to miss this one. 

This is an educational event only. The purpose of this event is to educate you so you can make informed decisions for yourself.  At the end of the seminar, if you would like to work with Meridian, we will offer a free consultation where you can further discuss your real estate goals and investment goals with one of our certified real estate agents. We do not charge you for our services at any point, we do not sell books, courses or mentoring programs. If after the first consultation with Meridian, you would like to work further with our company, we will show you a selection of properties we beleive could suit your needs as established in the first consultation. If you decide to go ahead and invest in one of the properties through Meridian, we will earn a traditional real estate commission based on the property you decide to invest in. 

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