"My Children Will Never Be Able To Get Into The Market" - There's a Plan

September 18, 2018




“My children will never be able to get into the Sydney/Melbourne  property  market!” 


NOT TRUE….there is a Plan


Being a Baby Boomer myself, it has become quite common to be having a conversation with my Baby Boomers and Gen X clients about their despair, believing that their children will “never be able to save a deposit to purchase a home in Sydney/Melbourne”.


Saving that kind of money today is indeed tough, however do not despair, there is another way…..i.e. investing in a well-researched property that is not in Sydney or Melbourne. An investment property that is affordable, it is serviceable and it has a great chance of capital growth,  which would enable a deposit to be earned in the medium term.


Despair quickly turns to joy and hope. We sit down, create a strategy that is real and achievable; the positive and negative outcomes are made clear, discipline and sacrifices are established and committed to. This enables a family to create a plan and young adults the opportunity to develop the discipline to save in order to invest….and I do believe it is a discipline worth their learning.


In the not too distant future, some growth starts to rear its head, creating options which include, using that growth to assist with the deposit or leverage into another property.


So there is a way, call me…I would love to help


Warren Jacobs (B.Ed.) - Senior Investment Consultant

M: 0477005839

E: warren@meridianaustralia.com.au



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