Self Doubt

June 6, 2016


Through out any journey we will be faced with time where we can stand back and re-evaluate our decisions and the path we are on. It is in these times when it is easy to let doubt creep into our thought processes and derail us from our goals. This can be a great self defence mechanism and save us from wasting time or it can hold us back from getting where we want to be. There are a couple great tips for how to deal with this situation when it arrises:


Get out there. Get our of your own head and go see what else is out in the world. Often we can blow situations out of proportion. What are other people doing? What other new ideas can you find? Have other successful people done what you are doing? This raises the second point.


Choose advice wisely. Everybody has an opinion and would love to share it with you. Choose who's advice you take carefully. Have they already done what you are trying to do or have they just read a Facebook article on the topic. Stick to numbers and get help reading the numbers. 


The most important step is right up front however, make a plan. Make a plan that can be measured so that you know if you are getting closer or further from it. Just saying "I want to better" can not be measured, put some numbers in place. Put together a plan to get there. Your plan may change along the way but so long as you have your goal in sight and you know what it is, you will get there. Set some time frames that are realistic. Your view of what is realistic may also change write all of this down somewhere when planning. 


If you can reference you initial plan and occasionally re-evaluate with the help of successful people you will help yourself to pull self doubt out of the picture and give yourself some peace of mind along your journey. 


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