Top 10 Investment Tips and Tricks

May 26, 2016


Here are a few tips from an experienced property investor:

  1. Most people have good intentions and opinions, choose the ones you listen to carefully. 

  2. Set a goal, and make it achievable. Write it down! Goals have a tendency to keep growing and prevent you from ever feeling successful. 

  3. Invest in educating yourself so that when opportunities pop up you can recognise them. 

  4. Get your finances sorted today. Even if you don't have somebody to buy now, if you are ready when something does come up you will be happy.

  5. Make decisions quickly and based on numbers.

  6. Build up your network of switched on people. You don't need to know everything if the people you know do. 


  7. Don't tell people what you are doing until it is done. You can get a false sense of pride just talking about goals. Talk less, do more. 

  8. Know what you want out of a deal. Some investments can be changed to work and some cannot, so don't be afraid to walk away. 

  9. If you know something is good, do it now. Get the tough thing on your list done first, not the easiest. Don't wait because opportunities might not stick around. 

  10. Drink coffee, lots of coffee.










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