3 Things to Remember When You Use Your Super to Invest

May 26, 2016


The decision to invest in a SMSF or a personal name is a big decision and there are several big things to take into mind. Here are three:

  1. Investing in super is a long term investment. The ability to re-finance to release equity from a property and roll it into another investment doesn't work in an SMSF. You need to remember that those funds (any profits) are suck in your SMSF until you retire. Also getting finance in a SMSF is doable but typically a bit more difficult that in your personal name. 

  2. The ongoing tax incentives (gearing) can not be taken from your SMSF property and used to offset your personal income. Your SMSF needs to be seen as its own entity and don't expect it to help your income tax situation. 


  3. Most lenders require at least a 30% deposit to be paid and normally the loans that lenders offer to a SMSF have higher interest rates than what is available to a person. Your SMSF needs to have enough funds available to buy the property and cashflow it all on its own. You can however roll a few people's super funds into one SMSF if that helps! It is always best to speak with a professional who has experience themselves investing in property in their SMSF to find out what is best for you. 










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