We hold events throughout Australia that are free for all.  At these events, we aim to outline ways to identify and reduce risk when it comes to investing in property. Through the delivery of our presentations, we aim to provide "plain english" explanations on subjects including: negative gearing, depreciation, investor research, as well as concepts such as "how to invest to retire" and more.  Each seminar also gives a market update and identifies the current "hot spots" to invest based on Meridian research and statistics. 



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Our blog features an insight into the process we go through in order to correctly research a state, a suburb and identify specifics properties that are set for potential growth. We also keep you up to date with chances to the property and finance industry as well as market commentary.



This free book was written by Meridian Australia founder and CEO as a guide for all investors and potential investors to help you get fully educated on the process of investment and understand the complete process including how to locate and invest in the best property for you at the right time to profit big time. 


Check out our ever growing library of videos that cover all aspects of property investing from defining investment terminology to explaining more complex property investment strategies.



Ready to get started? Fantastic, we are ready to help. We have certified consultants in NSW, VIC and QLD who can meet with you one on one and help you take the next step in building your property portfolio and wealth. 

Meridian Australia ABN 35 149 257 456 

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