This property portfolio does not comprise a list of properties that Meridian the company or the sta themselves own, but a selection of just some of the properties that the clients of Meridian Australia have invested in. This does not comprise all properties that Meridian Australia has sold. Meridian Australia may not have been responsible for selling all individual properties in every development listed in this document – they may have had a selection of units and or house with the development which were sold by Meridian Australia.


Where statistics have been used through out this document, Meridian Australia has relied on our own research as well as third party reports, documents, analysis and statistics. These third party sources may include but are not limited to: RP Data, price finder, realestate.com.au, Cordells, BIS Schrappnel, ABS and more.


This indicates that properties in the development may have been a mix of styles, dierent numbers of bedrooms etc which caused dierence in pricing between the properties sold. To give you a true view of the development performance we have given you the general price range of low to high of properties within the development that Meridian Australia sold.


This is based on valuations done of similar or same property or of resells of the specific property.


This defines the gross profit made by the investor either on paper or in the hand. This is not after tax or other incidentals that the individual may have.


This is the percentage of profit made on the property based on the initial purchase price and the current value of the property. This shows the growth of the investors property investment and is accurate as of the research of this document. This does not take into account future market dips.


This is the percentage of profit made on paper or in hand based on how much personal money the individual put into the property – based generally for each property on the same calculation of 10% deposit, stamp duty (where applicable) and an average conveyancing fee. This is not a return on cash borrowed, just on cash put in

by the investor.


The information contained in this report is provided for information purposes only.


It is not to be considered as advice or a recommendation. Individual personal and financial circumstances and needs difer.  Investors should carefully consider the information in this portfolio in light of their personal circumstances (including financial and taxation issues) and seek professional advice from their accountant or financial adviser before deciding to invest in any Meridian product.

While all due care has been taken in the preparation of this report and the information contained herein, Meridian Australia, directors put forth that they have relied on third party data providers in the construction of this document and all statistics and returns mentioned herein.


Changes in circumstances after the preparation of this report may also impact on the accuracy of this information. Meridian Australia accepts no responsibility for and does not war-rant the accuracy of information obtained by Meridian Australia from third parties.


Meridian Australia warrants that the information contained herein has been prepared independent of the Developers of the projects mentioned herein.


This is not investment advice.


This document is not to be relied on for making investments in other developments advertised for sale by Meridian Australia.  This document highlights past projects and does not guarantee any returns for future developments or properties sold.  Before making any property decisions seek your own counsel and advice. It is vital that you also consider the risk factors that could aect the financial performance of a property. Risk factors include such factors as movements in interest rates, demo-graphic changes, market demand and the political and economic environment generally. You should carefully consider these factors in light of your particular needs, objectives and financial circumstances.


Returns are not guaranteed. No guarantee is given that an expected level of return will be achieved. Nothing within this document should be taken as a forecast of property performance as the contents of this document are based on past performance as analysed based on third party statistics research by Meridian Australia.


Meridian Australia has exercised due care in the preparation of this report, and all information provided is based on best research possible at the time of preparation. Neither Meridian Australia nor its directors or ocers guarantees the success of any investment, or any particular rate of capital or income return.

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