Northern Beaches Mum's Presents:

MUM CFO's: A day time event for the Chief Financial Officer of the Household

Running a household, and establishing a secure future for our family is as important as the business we conduct 9-5 in the office. This short event brings together a trusted finance industry professional, property specialist, and mortgage broker to discuss the right moves to achieving financial freedom. 

The family home, has long been the cornerstone of many Australian family's financial position - but achieving financial freedom for you and your family should be an active process, making smart investments, and choices to ensure that your family is better off tomorrow than they are today. 


Northern Beaches Mums is proud to put together a member's only event for our Mum CFO's - the Chief Financial Officer of the Household. 


We are also offering complimentary professional child minding services so please feel free to bring your kids. 


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Pittwater RSL

82 Mona Vale Rd, Mona Vale NSW 2103

Wednesday, June 13th, 10 am - 11am

This is an educational event only. The purpose of this event is to educate you so you can make informed decisions for yourself.  At the end of the seminar, if you would like to work with Meridian, we will offer a free consultation where you can further discuss your real estate goals and investment goals with one of our certified real estate agents. We do not charge you for our services at any point, we do not sell books, courses or mentoring programs. If after the first consultation with Meridian, you would like to work further with our company, we will show you a selection of properties we believe could suit your needs as established in the first consultation. If you decide to go ahead and invest in one of the properties through Meridian, we will earn a traditional real estate commission based on the property you decide to invest in.