Terms & Conditions

1. Earning Points

To have points awarded you must follow the guidelines as set out by Meridian Black and Meridian Australia. There are 2 ways in which to earn points:

     a. By referring friends and family to attend a Meridian Seminar. Note, a couple or a couple and their kids is deemed as                 one unit or one referral and will earn 50 points. A referral must be of legal age i.e. over 18 years. If their referral is                     already a client of Meridian; has already attended a seminar; received a service such as the Meridian Report; is already             on the database and allocated to a different referral source, then points cannot be allocated for that individual. You are           responsible to contact Meridian Australia and the Meridian Black team and inform them that you have referred a                       particular individual so their details can be entered into the system. Points earned for your referral(s) purchasing real               estate through Meridian Australia are not earned until completion of the purchase. You must contact Meridian at the               beginning of the property transaction cycle i.e. the referral attending a seminar or an appointment with Meridian and               be allocated as the referral source. You cannot claim authorship or source of a referral after they have already entered             into a contract for purchase. Meridian Australia reserves the right to approve or decline to award points.

     b. All events to be held for Meridian Black members by Meridian Australia are to be approved in writing by Meridian                     Australia. This includes but is not limited to the cost of such events; any costs that Meridian Australia may bear; the                   venue; the speakers; the food; the audio-visual display and more. Meridian Australia reserves the right to not hold                     events at its discretion if it does not suit the schedule, location, and other important factors.


2. Choosing your reward

     a. To help you choose a reward, you can choose specific gifts from the catalogue or ask staff for more details.

     b. Please choose your Meridian Black reward carefully. Once you have redeemed points for your reward it can not be                   exchanged, canceled or refunded for any reason.

     c. Meridian Black reserves the right to make any changes at any time to the range of available rewards, the number of                 points required for a reward and the terms and conditions applicable to rewards, irrespective of the effect on members’           points without prior notice and at Meridian Black’s absolute discretion.


3. How to redeem points for a reward

     a. To redeem points for a reward contact Meridian Australia on 02 9939 3249 or email


4. Reward Terms and Conditions

     a. All reward redemptions are also subject to the Meridian Black Terms and Conditions.

     b. Current Meridian Black account household postal address and email address

           i. Where applicable, rewards will be posted or delivered to the current Meridian Black account household postal                            address held in the Meridian Black system at the time of redeeming. Where rewards are delivered by email, the                          member’s current email address held in the Meridian Black system at the time of redeeming will be used. For some                  rewards, Meridian Black may expressly allow the member to nominate another postal address or email address. For                this reason, it is important to ensure Meridian Black has your current address and other contact details.

          ii. If posted, rewards will be sent by ordinary mail to Australian addresses only.

     c. Reward provider terms and conditions

          i. Rewards may be subject to other terms, conditions and restrictions as are communicated or referred to by Meridian                 Black or the reward provider from time to time on their websites, or in the course of a member redeeming points for               a reward.

         ii. Manufacturers’ terms and conditions may apply.

        iii. Meridian Black will not be responsible for any tax liability, stamp, transfer or any other duty or any other government               charge in respect of the reward. The member should obtain their advice in respect of any such liability before                             accepting the reward.

     d. Rewards delivery time

          i. Meridian Black will endeavour to deliver rewards within the stated time frame, but this may not always be possible.                   You must call Meridian Black as soon as possible if you do not receive your reward within the specified delivery time.

         ii. Merchandise rewards should be received within 6 weeks of being requested. If your reward is not received within this               time frame, please call Meridian Australia on 02 9939 3249.

     e. Claims for non-delivery

          i. To assist Meridian Australia to manage your claim, you must make any claim for non-delivery within two months of                   requesting the reward. A claim for damage must be made within 3 days of delivery.

         ii. Without limiting Meridian Black’s general exclusion of liability under the Meridian Black Terms and Conditions, or any               applicable consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law, any liability of Meridian Black in relation to a                     non-delivery or damage during delivery is excluded, to the extent permitted by law, if you do not make a claim within               the required period.

     f. Meridian Black and Meridian Australia does not accept any liability for any loss arising from the supply of a reward or              any personal injury or death arising from a person’s negligent use or willful misconduct of the reward


5. Terms and conditions for specific types of rewards

     a. Merchandise (such as ipods and vehicles)

          i. All merchandise rewards are subject to availability. Where there is a stock shortage or delay, Meridian Black may                       substitute a product of equal or greater value.

         ii. Pictures are illustrative only and not actual size.

         iii. In the case of a motor vehicle the reward does not include on road costs such as registration and insurance.

     b. Non-Merchandise (such as flights and hotel stays)

          i. Non-merchandise rewards are subject to availability, and bookings for rewards on special event days, for instance                     Easter, Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day, may not be accepted or may attract additional charges. This will be advised                when you make your booking with the reward provider, and is at their discretion. For accommodation or restaurant                  rewards, you may wish to call the reward provider and check availability of dates prior to redeeming your reward.

          ii. For non-merchandise rewards, your contract is directly with the reward provider and their terms and conditions will                  apply.  Please ensure you are familiar with and understand their terms and conditions before redeeming points for                  your reward.  Meridian Black supplies the opportunity for you to obtain a reward from the reward provider and                          Meridian Black’s obligations are limited to procuring that opportunity.

     c. Cash rewards

          i. Where the points are redeemed for cash the Meridian Black Member is responsible for any tax liability resulting from               a cash payment received under this program.


6. Accommodation rewards

     a. All accommodation rewards consist of a room only for the number of nights specified: 

         Additional charges may be incurred if extra beds are required. Cot hire and other occupancy charges are arranged on               application and are to be paid direct to the accommodation provider – please check when booking or contact the                       accommodation provider for details before redeeming your points.

     b. Due to price variations, flights and accommodation must be booked 3 months in advance.  Shorter notice may be                     granted at Meridian Australia’s discretion.