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 Property tips that can maximise your investments

Saturday, 26th May and Wednesday, 6th June

Don't spend one more dollar on real estate until you come to our Property Event and learn how to grow your future. Receive exclusive industry insight into off market properties and working methods that maximise profits on your investment. 

Saturday, May 26th, 9am - 11am

Adina Surry Hills, 359 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


Tuesday, June 5th, 6pm - 8pm

Rydges Parramatta, 116 James Ruse Drive, Rosehill NSW 2142


4 Things We'll Show You On The Night:


No Deposit ? No Bank Funding ? No Worries

The game has changed and you will see the first public discussion IN AUSTRALIA about a revolutionary product that will completely rock the market, and give Australian's increased ownership of Australian residential property overnight. We have exclusive access to the team behind this innovative product and can not wait to share it with you all! 


Access off market established properties for $30K under market value

We will introduce you to 3 new unique approaches to invest and profit in Australian real estate today. Including; how to buy $30,000 under market value; how to access off market established housing opportunities; how to invest in Australian residential real estate without having access to a deposit or bank funding. 


Learn how the team at Meridian can help you

The Meridian service - Come and learn how we have assisted thousands of property investors to establish and grow their portfolios.


Listen to 5 real investors and their unique angle on real estate

You will hear from 5 speakers, each with a unique angle and perspective on real estate. And yes, each are actual investors with real results for themselves – as well as their clients.


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PROOF: Clients Tell The Truth!

$500k in Equity

Danni & Matt

Over the past 4 years we have purchased 8 investments valued over $3.5million.


I work as a hairdresser and my husband for Ausgrid, without Meridian’s guidance we would have never realised we could amass such a large property portfolio.


Our first purchase through Meridian increased $170,000 in 4 years and the rest of our portfolio is following trend.


We estimate to have created over $500,000 in equity from our purchases with Meridian. We cannot wait to look back in 4 more years to see how our most recent purchases have performed!

$166k Capital Gain

Antonia & Thomas

We started investing with Meridian by using our combined savings. 2 years later we were able to use equity in our property to purchase a second property interstate. By 2015 we had purchased another 2 investment properties. All properties have been growing and maintained a consistent rental income.


A little over 4 years from our first purchase I am happy to report that we have now sold our first property for a gain of $166,000. 


Since working with Meridian they have proven to be at the forefront of market opportunities and so we are now looking at our 5th purchase using their services.

$340,000  Profit


I started investing with Meridian 5 years ago, within 4 years of his my investment I had made $340,000 from 2 investments. Averaging 11% per annum growth rate for both.


Had I purchased in my own backyard in Parkes the average growth rate was 0% per annum over the same 4 years. I am a perfect example of using the Meridian analysis model to make profitable investment decisions.


The profits enabled me to own my house outright plus purchase 3 more investments. Had I bought in Parkes this would not have been possible. Total property portfolio now worth over $2.5million, on my way to retirement.

This is an educational event only. The purpose of this event is to educate you so you can make informed decisions for yourself.  At the end of the seminar, if you would like to work with Meridian, we will offer a free consultation where you can further discuss your real estate goals and investment goals with one of our certified real estate agents. We do not charge you for our services at any point, we do not sell books, courses or mentoring programs. If after the first consultation with Meridian, you would like to work further with our company, we will show you a selection of properties we beleive could suit your needs as established in the first consultation. If you decide to go ahead and invest in one of the properties through Meridian, we will earn a traditional real estate commission based on the property you decide to invest in.