"Investors should have the ability to make an educated decision uninfluenced by emotions, unsubstantiated opinion and media propaganda.  To achieve this investors must increase their knowledge base."


Glenn Piper is the founder and CEO of Meridian Australia. At the age of 31, he has now personally transacted over 70 investment properties in an 11-year timeframe. Glenn is passionate about helping everyday Australians use property as a vehicle to reach their financial aspirations. Glenn enjoys working with his team to reach thousands of Australians every year and share the 50 years of collective knowledge with Meridian clients. 


Glenn’s company, Meridian Australia, has quickly risen to be one of the most respected real estate firms tailored to the investor market. Now managing a team of 12 across national offices Glenn and his team specialise in property analysis and research to source property opportunities which satisfy their strict analysis criteria.  


Glenn holds a high standard for success and ethics for his team and is passionate about securing high-performance properties for Meridian clients. These important traits are now the backbone of his company’s success.


I love experiencing new things, I search for moments which are significant that can move me mentally, physically and spiritually. Family, sports, travel and music are all at the top of the list.  I also enjoy good food and a cold beer or great glass of wine. I'm currently enjoying building my dream home on the Northern beaches, next the dream car.
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Between the ages of 20- 31 I have used strategies including; buy and hold, off plan, renovations, development, options, and even buying entire buildings direct from receivers. I started with just $10,000 and patiently built up my equity and expand my portfolio each year. At the age of 31 I have personally invested in over 70 investment properties. Using real estate I have been able to accelerate my wealth creation to buy my waterfront Sydney home and provide my wife and kids with our ideal lifestyle . I still work directly with my Meridian clients and enjoy watching them accumulate substantial wealth as Meridian investors.


I now have more free time then ever before and enjoy traveling the world with my family and doings activities which are life fulfilling.


Meridian Australia has been pivotal in assisting us with building our property portfolio. As it was our first time in the property market, it was good to have the guiding hand of Glenn Piper and his team to usher me through the purchasing process. In less than 18 months, with Meridian’s support, we have managed to accumulate $1.4 million worth of property with very little financial burden. Just 3 years after our first purchase we realised a capital gain of $390,000 when we sold our first 3 investments.  We have both found Meridian’s approach to be professional and we have been impressed with their ability.

We have found the Meridian Team to be honest and transparent throughout the entire process and would recommend their services to property investors. We have recently purchased 4 more properties following the Meridian model and we look forward to what the future holds. “

Helena Susanto & Denny Chow, NSW

I have been thoroughly impressed with Meridian’s ability to identify profitable investments in the property market.


After been provided several detailed research reports on different markets I decided to follow their analysis and purchase a property at 26-32 Princess Mary Street, St Marys. 


I purchased in January 2013 and by the end of 2015 my property had increased by around $130,000.


I have been working with Meridian for many years now and have seen many of their properties perform in a similar fashion.

Alison Davenport, NSW

We have been working with Glenn and Meridian since 2011. Over the past 4 years we have purchased 8 investments valued over $3.5million.


I work as a hairdresser and my husband for Ausgrid, without Meridian’s guidance we would have never realised we could amass such a large property portfolio.


Our first purchase through Meridian increase $170,000 in 4 years and the rest of our portfolio is following trend. We estimate to have created over


$500,000 in equity from our purchases with Meridian. We cannot wait to look back in 4 more years to see how our most recent purchases have performed!

Matthew and Danielle Potts, NSW






Phone:      02 9939 3249  

Email:       glenn@meridianaustralia.com.au

Address:  Sydney Office

                   618 Bourke Street 

                   Surry Hills NSW



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