Come and join property market experts for an intensive discussion on property investment.

Get access to the hottest investment properties right now.

Don't spend one more dollar on real estate until you join our workshop on property investment highlighting the advanced strategies and concepts for property investors.  Hear the behind the scenes investor secrets from developers. 


FREE Live Property Investment Market Update

& Property Launch

Tuesday, October 24, 2017; 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Rydges Sydney Central,

28 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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What You'll learn:

Research Workshop with the Experts

Anybody who has ever met with Meridian knows that we have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals that cause property markets to perform. At this event we will perform our due diligence live, with you. Come experience how we work behind the scenes. 


Investing in the right market is a big part of the investment puzzle but locking down a good investment is just as important. We will be showing you specifically what vendors look for and how to make a deal work for you as an investor. 

Negotiations with a Vendor


Do you want to know the smartest way to create equity in a portfolio? Leave your hammers, paintbrushes and dust masks at home.  How the professionals create value is buying smarter than the rest. We will discuss specifically how this is done, by those who do it every day. 

How to get prices under

the market




Access to Exclusive


Meridian staff live and breath property investment. We are confidently the top of the Australian industry at sourcing property investments with the strongest drivers for growth. At this event, attendees will have first access to investments that will never be available on the open market.


Overcoming investment barriers

Every investor will have their own speed bumps in their investment journey. Some restrictions are more common but there are a few pitfalls that not many people see coming. We will discuss some of the potential issues investors face and some of the smartest ways to get past them.


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Tuesday,October 24, 2017; 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Rydges Sydney Central,

28 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


PROOF: Clients Tell The Truth!

Danni & Matt

$500k in Equity

Over the past 4 years we have purchased 8 investments valued over $3.5million.


I work as a hairdresser and my husband for Ausgrid, without their guidance we would have never realised we could amass such a large property portfolio.


Our first purchase increased $170,000 in 4 years and the rest of our portfolio is following trend.


We estimate to have created over $500,000 in equity from our purchases with them. We cannot wait to look back in 4 more years to see how our most recent purchases have performed!

Antonia & Thomas

$166k Capital Gain

We started investing by using our combined savings. 2 years later we were able to use equity in our property to purchase a second property interstate. By 2015 we had purchased another 2 investment properties. All properties have been growing and maintained a consistent rental income.


A little over 4 years from our first purchase I am happy to report that we have now sold our first property for a gain of $166,000. 


Since working with them they have proven to be at the forefront of market opportunities and so we are now looking at our 5th purchase using their services.


$340,000  Profit

I started investing with them 5 years ago, within 4 years of his my investment I had made $340,000 from 2 investments. Averaging 11% per annum growth rate for both.


Had I purchased in my own backyard in Parkes the average growth rate was 0% per annum over the same 4 years. I am a perfect example of using their analysis model to make profitable investment decisions.


The profits enabled me to own my house outright plus purchase 3 more investments. Had I bought in Parkes this would not have been possible. Total property portfolio now worth over $2.5million, on my way to retirement.



Hi, I'm Glenn and I am the founder and CEO of Meridian. I have a portfolio of 40 properties worth $15 mil and I've helped my clients invest in $250 mil worth of property.

After 7 years of investing I was in a position to retire, and now I pretty much am retired and get to spend every day with my young family and doing what I love. 

Hi, I'm Brett and I started with Meridian because I loved property, but was held down by debt. Since being with Meridian I have cleared my debt with the property profits I have made and invested in 6 properties. I have also helped my Meridian clients to build their own real estate portfolios. I will talk to you about the importance of research and analysis and how to know the right property to buy with confidence so you can grow your wealth. 

Hi, I'm Adam and in the past 5 years I have been quite an active property investor. In fact I have invested in 9 properties, and currently looking at securing my number 10. All of these properties have been Meridian properties; I have been building my portfolio side-by-side with clients.

And in this seminar I will show you the key points ANY investor needs to know before you spend another cent in real estate. So if you are thinking of buying a home, an investment or even renting - COME TO THIS EVENT FIRST!

Hi, I'm Jarryd and I have been sticking to the Meridian Investment and Analysis method since the organisation was founded in 2011. Through Meridian's specific system I have been able to make huge profits in real estate that I never would have made in that time. In fact I now own my home outright and have achieved the GREAT AUSSIE DREAM at the age of 30. I now work hard to help my clients achieve the same, and I look forward to showing you how too. 


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017; 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Rydges Sydney Central,

28 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

This is an educational event only. The purpose of this event is to educate you so you can make informed decisions for yourself.  At the end of the seminar, if you would like to work with Meridian, we will offer a free consultation where you can further discuss your real estate goals and investment goals with one of our certified real estate agents. We do not charge you for our services at any point, we do not sell books, courses or mentoring programs. If after the first consultation with Meridian, you would like to work further with our company, we will show you a selection of properties we believe could suit your needs as established in the first consultation. If you decide to go ahead and invest in one of the properties through Meridian, we will earn a traditional real estate commission based on the property you decide to invest in.