Free Live Property Event


Don’t spend one more dollar on real estate until you get the latest market research and stats in this 90 minute live property market briefing highlighting the hotspots and notspots RIGHT NOW.



Thursday, 27th October 2016

6pm - 8pm


Chatswood RSL, 446 Victoria Avenue Chatswood NSW 

What you'll learn at this event: 

- Where the hotspots are to buy right now

- How to use property to retire in just 10 years from today

- What are the warning signs of crashing property market

- How to research an investment to reduce your risk

- How to find a property with the highest returns in the market

- What the "property clock" is and how to tell the "time"

- How to replace your income using property investment

7 Reasons You'll Want to be at this event:

1. Discover the Meridian Matrix and how to use it to retire on property

2. How to avoid investing in a bust spot rather than a boom location

3. See the popular myths blown apart by hard cold research and facts

4. Discover the tax benefits of investment real estate 

5. Learn the difference between old and new and the benefits of each

6. Get the facts behind houses versus units so you can make the best choice

7. Discover 3 specific suburbs set to BOOM based on economic research and stats

"There's no other company that does the level of research that Meridian Australia do! Consultants are professional, courteous, and tell you things as it is. Thank you!"



If you still have questions or don't have the confidence on investing your next property after this briefing, please feel free to make an appointment with our professional consultants after the event, they will be happy to answer your questions or help you to find a best investment opportunity based on your personal situation. 


Hi, I'm Adam


By understanding exact property analysis, research and stats I have been able to successfully target boom suburbs and specific properties that have made me massive profits and enough equity to roll into the next property and build a multi-million dollar portfolio. 


With a background in financial planning  I come at real estate from both a conservative risk and agressive profits angle to get a firm grasp on the wide variety of available and feasible investment strategies.


I'm a registered Real Estate Agent in NSW and QLD and have a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from Macquarie University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning with Kaplan. Having built a diversified and growing property portfolio of my own, I have invested in 9 properties since being with Meridian; all of which have been Meridian Australia identified properties. I am confident to buy side by side with my clients, and have personally assisted clients in acquiring in excess of $150m of Australian residential property.


Hi, I'm Brett


I'm a certified real estate agent in NSW. I entered the property market after realising the importance of investing and the implications that well calculated investing can have on my personal future. Well exercised in creative property solutions, I've begun building my personal property portfolio, taking careful consideration in asset selection.

Client relations is a pillar in my approach to business. After witnessing the dire state of some hard working people in their retirement years, it has become my mission to consult people on strong, analytically driven investments. My advice to clients is based on statistical analysis and research which most investors would not have access to.

With a University degree in Electrical Engineering and a second in Computer Science, I understand the importance of cold hard facts. I utilise the business model of Meridian Australia and focus on understanding individual people’s situations, while continuing to assist clients in growing their net wealth towards financial freedom.

All attendees get a free Book.