"Gaining a clear understanding of my client's personal situation is how I choose to work. No Guess work."


Brett is a certified real estate agent in NSW. Brett entered the property market after realising the importance of investing and the implications that well calculated investing can have on his personal future. Well exercised in creative property solutions, Brett has begun building his personal property portfolio, taking careful consideration in asset selection.

Client relations is a pillar in Brett’s approach to business. After witnessing the dire state of some hard working people in their retirement years, it has become his mission to consult people on strong, analytically driven investments. Not interested in hype, Brett’s advice to his clients is based on statistical analysis and research which most investors would not have access to.

With a University degree in Electrical Engineering and a second in Computer Science, Brett understands the importance of cold hard facts. Utilising the business model of Meridian Australia and a focus on understanding individual people’s situations, Brett continues to assist his clients in growing their net wealth towards financial freedom.


I love: books on physiology or philosophy, red wine, beer, pretty much all food, travel, projects around the home, rebuilding furniture, helping people understand new topics and get over fear, Camping, Cooking for other people (cooking for yourself is boring).
Mountain Lake
Window Installation
Navigating in Woods
Pouring a Pint
Raw Vegetables
Red Wine
City Cycle


My professional career started off as an electrical engineer. I earned a reasonable income but realised quickly that in that role I would always be working for somebody else; something had to change. After two years of active training and transition into the property investment space I found Meridian Australia. Immediately I could tell that this logical and analytical approach to investing was exactly what I had been looking for. 


After working with Meridian for three years I have acquired six properties in my portfolio and have plans to continue growing exponentially. I have worked with all forms of industry professionals and understand the process of securing a solid investment from front to back. It has been a great journey. I share my personal experience and knowledge with my clients and love seeing their success. 


OMG - can’t believe it!  Tennant was very keen - moved in last night (6 month Lease).  Talk about quick!  Gratefully our property manager was able to organise the groundsman to mow, and a cleaner to go in and finish up a few things before she did moved in.  


We are so grateful for your support, and holding our hand through the process, addressing all our questions and generally tolerating our skepticism and fears.  


We are looking forward to a future of wealth building through property investment, so all going well we would be thrilled to work with you again in the future.  Lets see how our first one performs and if we are able to save anything more in the next 12 months.

Adam & Jennifer

Thanks so much, Brett. You're the "Dr. Phil" in my life :)


Brett & Meridian Australia helped me and my family buy our first property investment and they helped me make the whole thing happen as easy as possible. I am now holding that investment and talking with Meridian about the best way to buy my second property investment. Thanks heaps guys. 

Sam & Ana T.






Phone:      02 9939 3249

Mobile:     0415 120 193

Email:       Brett@meridianaustralia.com.au

Address:  Sydney Office

                   618 Bourke Street 

                   Surry Hills NSW



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